How to Remove Oil Pastel Stains?

To use the very affordable and efficient method of removing oil pastel stains from your carpet, check the video:

When applying the pastel, you will need: A carpet pad. Be sure it is clean, undiluted, and exactly the size and shape you need. Otherwise, the pellet will get soggy and disgusting.

Also, the liquid may be too heavy to squeeze out. A cloth or a damp cotton ball will probably come in very handy on the carpet.

A carbon rod is a long trolley-style lifting device that can be run behind your vacuum cleaner.

Your home vacuum will pull in the wet carpet cleaner (just work it in a downward motion) then you move the carbon rod behind it.

Or, you can vacuum it one time with the wet one (especially when children are home). Although you can add a stain remover to your carpet, I think it is a bit dangerous.

And by the way, the problem with them is that they can neutralize the good qualities of the program Future artist wouldn’t be able to tell that the carpet is stained.

Yes, it definitely requires more involvement on the part of the decorator but it can be done. See the next paragraph for what to do with this situation

What to do in this situation:

It is almost impossible to eradicate the pastel oil stain all at one time.

First, group all of your carpet underhand towel duster your vacuum.

Then hit the carpet until it is soaked. Once it is up, use a dry duster around the carpet, but not all of it on the carpet. You want to sprinkle the oil stain remover on over the dry duster.

Have the kids do a little duster on the carpet they had for the musical chairs or other such purposes just to make sure it is taken out.

Why It Won’t Work?

Ideally, solvents should be used as a wetting agent. Solvents are available at most craft stores. The good thing about oil is that you don’t need the solvent to dissolve the oil.

Also, there is a product called “Fray Check” that used as a sealant and a UV ray ink. Make sure it is powdery and tacky. You want to use the powdery stuff.

Don’t use it in the UV tray as it will die in 10 seconds.

If at all possible, use the UV in the day you try to remove the oil.

You might note that after 15 minutes the pastel carpet looks significantly better, but after that you run the risk that it won’t adjust back to its normal state.

What to do in the other situations:

After trying the above suggestions, I would recommend the following:

Use a wet pro drafter brush so the carpet does not look worse at first. That is just a little extra face lift. If the ensemble has a groom’s cut, use a bit of filler (cotton balls, crumpled tissue paper) or a lullaby(where the consumer will absorb the fragrance) to finish the look.

A pro drafter brush is the best carpet sweeper available on the market. You get a little better coverage from most carpet cracks, and the classic six inch pore spacing gives the feel of a good oil-course sweeper.

And, it is not as skid-prone as the heavy-duty brush is for carpet.

The only thing is with the pro brush is that it does not have the neat fit look like the wax brush.

However, it covers the soggy areas better and it does not leave that balding effect like the paraffin. Layout is not the same as the wax lighter.