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The Top 10 ScienceNOWs of 2013

12-29-2013 13:11

The news comes from Science with the link of http://news.sciencemag.org/scientific-community/2013/12/top-10-sciencenows-2013.

As mentioned by Science, some of the top 10 stories are really most popular in last 12 months, and others are based on editors' favorites. Now let's enjoy the 10 stories from Science.

No. 10 Fear of Death Makes People into Believers of Science: People who were forced to face their own mortality or were about to compete in a high-anxiety race, were significantly more likely to turn to the comforts of science than their less-stressed counterparts, according to the results of the study.

No. 9 English May Have Retained Words From an Ice Age language: A handful of common words, such as "Mother", "Hand", "Pull" have hardly changed since the last Ice Age (15,000 years ago), researchers discovered this year.

No. 8 Physicists Discover a Whopping 13 New Solutions to Three-Body Problem: Since the "three-body problem", that is three objects will orbit each other in a repeating pattern, was first recognized 300 years ago, only three solutions have been found. However, this year two physicists discovered 13 more types of solutions, which could conceivably help astrophysicists understand new planetary systems.

No. 7 Monogamy May Have Evolved to Prevent Infanticide: Humans and other primates may stay together to keep their babies from being killed by rival males. The monogamy may play an important role, indicated by a study .

No. 6 Bizarre 6-Inch Skeleton Shown to Be Human: In Chile’s Atacama Desert, an alien-looking 15-centimeter-long skeleton was reportedly discovered inside a pouch in a ghost town. Is it a space invader? A deformed fetus? A hoax? Science to the rescue!

No. 5 Cyborg Cockroach Sparks Ethics Debate: RoboRoach #12 caused a sensation when it appeared at a TEDx conference in Detroit earlier this year not just because a lot of people wanted to play with it. Some say the tiny cyborg could turn kids into psychopaths.

No. 4 Microbes Survive, and Maybe Thrive, High in the Atmosphere: Scientist found billions of microbes fill the skies, potentially affecting the weather and forming an active ecosystem high above the surface of Earth.

No. 3 Sex and the Single Sand Flea / Invasion of the Nostril Ticks: Sometimes scientists get a little too close to their work. Take these two somewhat icky tales covered this year. A researcher lets one grow inside her foot in order to understand where the sand flea has sex. Another scientist may have identified a new species of tick—after discovering one nestled in his nostril.

No. 2 Physicists Create Quantum Link Between Photons That Don't Exist at the Same Time: Physicists have long known that quantum mechanics allows for a subtle connection, called entanglement, between quantum particles. The tangle happens when measuring one particle can instantly set the condition, or "state," of another particle, even if it's light years away. This year, experimenters in Israel showed that they can entangle two photons that don't even exist at the same time.

No. 1 The Final Word on Penis Size?: New research suggests that size does matter, but the penis is only one (sometimes) small contributor to manly allure. A man's overall attractiveness to a woman, researchers have found, depends in part on the trio of height, body shape, and penis size.

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