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Call for Papers

12-15-2013 23:09

Journal of Science and Applications: Biomedicine (JSAB) is a on-line publication journal, open-accessible to everyone, everywhere. Its mission is to report the true and original research "stories" in biomedicine filed. If you have an idea for research paper, take the opportunity to submit it for possible publication in JSAB.


The scope of JSAB includes:

(1) life science, including genetic modification, cell control, tissue engineering, animal model until clinical application;

(2) material science, including molecular design, chemical synthesis, materials engineering and construct fabrication;

(3) medical science, including natural medicine, synthetic medicine, drug delivery, controlled/target drug release, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics;

(4) physical field, including imaging technology and physical treatment;

(5) clinical study, including clinical diagnose, clinical therapy, surgery approach, and tissue transplantation.

The style of articles include: News, Comments, Letter, Review, Prospect, and Research Paper.

Authors are invited to read the "author guide" for the journal, and to submit unpublished scientific researches, which are not a plagiarized material, or the same work submitted simultaneously to elsewhere.


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