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2015-BIT’s 8th Annual World Cancer Congress

03-02-2015 10:52

Time: May 15-17, 2015;
Place: Beijing, China;
Contact Information: http://www.bitcongress.com/cancer2015/default.asp

National Honorary Chairman:
Dr. Yi Zeng, Professor & Dean, Chinese CDC and Prevention, Beijing University of Technology & Chinese Academy of Science, China

International Honorary Chairman:
Dr. Thomas Tursz, Professor & Honorary Director, Institut Gustave Roussy, France
Dr. Stephen J. O’Brien, Chief Scientific Officer, Theodosius Dobzhansky Center for Genome Bioinformatics , St. Petersburg State University, Russia

Dr. Huabei Chen, Director, State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, China

Executive Chair:
Dr. Xiaodan Mei, President, BIT Congress, Inc, China

    Following the great success of past seven years, BIT’s 8th Annual World Cancer Congress - 2015 will be held on 15-17, May, 2015 in Beijing, China.
    The congress consists of twelve cooperative, specialized programs tailored to highlight the latest and most exciting discoveries in every area of cancer research and it will provide a unique opportunity for researchers from all over the world to meet, network, and forge new scientific interactions. Given the major worldwide importance in cancer research, cancer therapies, and new drug trials, we should not only help ensure we’re apprised of current developments in the field but also reflect on new progress and look toward future challenges. World opinion leaders are coming together to bring their depth of knowledge and experience to the program: molecular oncology, tumor immunology, cancer metastases, epidemiology, prevention, safety control, early detection, screening, imaging, treatment and translational and clinical research, presented with the emphasis on interdisciplinary challenges and supported by clinical interpretations needed for application of recent studies.
    We have no doubt that networking with your colleagues, on an international scale, will result in a creative exchange of ideas and be personally rewarding. Beijing, the capital of the People's Republic of China, municipality and national central city, located in the north part of China and founded 3,000 years ago, is a thriving multi-cultural city and a venue not to be missed. We hope that you enjoy the meeting enough to join us in 2015.

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