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Author Guide

Author Guide
We appreciate for your selecting International Union of Science and Education (Inter-USE) to publish your researches. All articles published in the journals would be subject to rigorous peer-review by independent experts in the subjected fields. The following guidelines are provided to assist authors in the preparation of their manuscripts. You can also download by click here (PDF version)

Author guide from Inter-USE

 1. Copyright
As the authors of your manuscript, you are responsible for the conflicts which would be potentially caused by the copyright issues. Once you submit your manuscript to Inter-USE, we would consider you have accepted the under the terms.
(1) The manuscript, submitted to Inter-USE, is original, it has not been published before and is not being considered for publication by other organizations.
(2) This manuscript, submitted to Inter-USE, has no known conflicts of interest with others, and its outcome would be objective and not influenced by the groups or organizations which offer financial support for this work. If there are interest conflicts with other groups, the authors need to offer detailed information about it in their manuscript.
(3) The manuscript, submitted to Inter-USE, has been read and approved by all authors listed in the manuscript, and there are no other persons who satisfied the criteria for authorship but are not listed.
(4) If containing materials owned by others in the manuscript, the authors have obtained permissions from the relevant persons or organizations, prior to submission.
(5) If containing publication of original data relating to any animal or human experiments, the manuscript has been reviewed by an appropriate institute to be sure the work has been conducted with the ethical approval and institutional regulations of all relevant bodies, prior to submission.
(6) While the manuscript is accepted and published by Inter-USE, its copyright would be automatically transferred to Inter-USE.
(7) Corresponding author is the sole person for the communication between Inter-USE and the authors about the editorial process including submission, revision and approval of proofs.

 2. Online submission
Authors have the option to either submit an manuscript directly to our editorial team by email or use our online submission system by clicking " submission system " button. The manuscript is required in Microsoft Word Format. Once finish submission, the corresponding author would receive confirmation of receipt from the editorial board within 24 hours. The status of their manuscript can by checked by e-mail, and we would respond to any query within 1-2 days.

3. Editorial processing
The process includes submission, independent peer review, revise and approval of proofs.
(1) Submission
Inter-USE would like to publish solicited and unsolicited articles. The authors have the right to choice a Journal or an eBook for publication. Once the manuscript is received, the article would be assessed by internal editorial staff about its topicality and importance of the subject, the clarity of presentation, and the relevance to the audience of the journal or eBook.
(2) Independent peer review
After the initial assessment by the internal editorial staff, the article would be subjected to a rigorous peer review process to ensure the work is justice, scientific and relevant. All articles would be peer reviewed by at least three specialists in relevant fields. The reviewers would complete a referee report form to provide general comments to the editor and both general and specific comments to the authors. In order to speed the editorial process, the authors can recommend 3-5 reviewers. But keep in mind that the recommended reviewers should be independent, and that we are not ensure the manuscript must be sent to them for review. If the authors' work has conflicts with others, the authors can also off a list of non-recommended reviewers to avoid obtaining biased comments.
The peer review would be finished within 3-4 weeks. Based on the peer review, the editor would made a decision to accept, revise or decline the submitted manuscript.
(3) Revision
Prior to acceptance, most of manuscripts are required some degree of revision. Authors should provide the revised manuscript and detailed response to reviewers' comments. The detailed responses should be submitted as "other files" in submission system. The revised manuscripts may be accepted at this point or may be re-subject for further peer review.
(4) Approval of proofs
Once accepted, the manuscripts would be edited by the in-house editors and afterwards authors will receive proofs of their article for approval. The authors have the right to correct the errors in the proofs within 48 hours by e-mailing to editor. Meanwhile, the copyright of the articles would be automatically transferred to Inter-USE.

 4. Costs for publication
It is free to publish any articles and there is no any cost needed.

 5. Access policy
Inter-USE offers an Open Access publication style, which allow unrestricted access to the online version of authors articles. Our Open Access policy is only for educational and research purposes, but not for commercial use.

 6. Style of publications
All of the publications are issued in electronic version by Inter-USE. It includes Journals and eBooks. The detailed requirements for articles are available in the relevant Journals.

If you have any questions, please contact with:
George Niu, Executive Manager
International Union of Science and Education

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